BC is a Hungarian-born self-taught artist living in London.

She has always been very artistic, as a child she always hand-painted the writing papers that she wrote on to her penfriends.

Then much later she tried watercolours on cardboard which was followed by acrylic and oil on canvas. The Latter happened in London in 2007. Since then the soothing activity of painting has been vital for her to create a balance between the predictability of the nine-to-five and the unknown that materialises throughout her creative process.

She produces her works spontaneously, unplanned in an automatic manner, and finishes a painting in a very short period. The result is always a surprise even to herself and takes a while for her to befriend the creatures emerging from the depths of her subconscious or a different dimension. In a way, her creatures tell stories that convey a different message to the individual beholders. 

BC won Psychologies Magazine’s photography competition in May 2015.

BC exhibits her works in galleries and cafes across London.


4th Bitcoin Halving, Bitcoin Art Exhibition, Dockside Vaults, London, 2024
Easel Rider, Nolia’s Gallery, London, 2021
Give me the Words (The Song of Dreams), Nolia’s Gallery, London, 2016
Skyborne Earth - An Insight into Hungarian Myth and Folklore, Nolia’s Gallery London, 2016
Where Your Heart Lies (Group Exhibition of big talents from a small country), Nolia’s Gallery, London, 2016
Seven......., Nolia’s Gallery, London, 2016
In this world but not of it (Nowhere to go), Nolia’s Gallery, London, 2016
On your bike, Nolia’s Gallery, London, 2015
BC's World 2, Solo, The Royal Teas Cafe, London, 2015
BC's World 1, Solo, The Royal Teas Cafe, London, 2013
Friends of Rotherhithe, Brunel Museum, London, 2009