Fzero is a French tattoo artist born in 1993.

His pseudonym, inspired by the famous futuristic racing video game released in 1990 on Super Nintendo, means "Freedom Zero" reflecting his quest for absolute freedom.

He draws inspiration from traditional tattooing, heavily borrowing from the Sailor Jerry style popularized by Norman Keith Collins. His works are intensely pigmented with black ink, and his art reflects the dark and fateful hours humanity is experiencing at the start of this century, as well as the hope that Bitcoin represents in such a context.

Beyond body art, Fzero is also a fervent defender of the crypto-agorist movement. His encounter with Bitcoin in 2017 was a decisive turning point, merging his passions for art and economic freedom. In his work and lifestyle, he seeks to embody the principles of agorism, advocating a lifestyle on the fringes of society through the use of cryptocurrencies.

"Break free or die trying my friend."

Insta: @peterfzero
X/Twitter: @peterfz3r0
E-mail: peterfzero@proton.me
Website coming soon