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"CypherBoard v.1" - MadMunky

"CypherBoard v.1" - MadMunky

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BLOCK Creation - 833900


ARTist - MadMunky (2140 Art Collective)

Wooden board 40cm / 80cm -transparent paints, hard-wax oil
numbered, signed with the QR codes on the back, leading to the art info and Cypherpunk's Manifesto text by Eric Hughes


MadMunky (2140 Art Collective)
Woodworker, creator, privacy advocate, and tech geek searching for free market solutions. One of the founding fathers of the #2140movement, that shares cypherpunk ethos and values through art/music/money and culture. 
MadMunky aspires to connect others by creating the space and education platforms, for practicing a change they want to see.  

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