"Cypherpunk's Manifesto"

"Cypherpunk's Manifesto"

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Only one ever created by 2140 Collective member MadMunky2140

One of the earliest goals of the cypherpunks was to create a form of digital cash that allowed for anonymous, censorship-resistant transactions. For digital cash protocols like David Chaum’s DigiCash and Adam Back’s Hashcash to work, advances in public-key cryptography were needed.

The cypherpunks pushed this research forward by collaborating, testing theories, and sharing ideas on email lists and at in-person gatherings. The first major public conference of cryptographers was organized by David Chaum in 1992 – a risky endeavor at the time, as civilian use of cryptography was still legally murky.

While DigiCash and other early attempts at e-cash did not fully realize the cypherpunk vision, they laid the groundwork for Bitcoin and today’s web3 ecosystem. Now, cryptography enables decentralization, immutability, and provable digital scarcity – giving individuals self-sovereignty over their money and data.


MadMunky (2140 Art Collective)
Woodworker, creator, privacy advocate, and tech geek searching for free market solutions. One of the founding fathers of the #2140movement, that shares cypherpunk ethos and values through art/music/money and culture. 
MadMunky aspires to connect others by creating the space and education platforms, for practicing a change they want to see.  

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