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PACKMAN , Broken Board

PACKMAN , Broken Board

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Missatoshi_Girl, also known as "Missa," is based in Lausanne, Switzerland.
• Initially a street artist but an art collector since she discovered Bitcoin in March 2020
• Originally a skateboarder, she connected with people who introduced her to graphic design through this avenue. Simultaneously, she customized skateboard decks.
• She embraced digital art to avoid the legal risks associated with graffiti in Switzerland.
• Her process involves drawing on paper or other physical surfaces, capturing the image, and then digitally refining it. She uses Ibis Paint X for color adjustments and DreamArt to create backgrounds.

Entering the world of Web3:
• A story of connections, through communities like Cryptocademia, Cryptomasks, DinoVox, Marmottoshi and Aristocrats By CM where she actively contributed to the creation of artworks.
• Encouraged by contacts such as Gothsa and supported by collectives like NFTC to democratize digital art.
Her vision of Web3:
• Positive emulation within the community! Emphasizing benevolence.
• Web3 serves as a talent accelerator.
• It enables overcoming geographical barriers, allowing artists to showcase their work to the world.
• Direct interaction with the community.
• With blockchain technology, "we are given the keys to the truck," symbolizing empowerment and control over one's artistic journey.
Mantra :
"It's up to us to make the right choices to reimagine the world of art and shape it into what we desire."



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