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Speak Or Spill - orginal Artist Concept print 1/1

Speak Or Spill - orginal Artist Concept print 1/1

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ATTENTION - orginal Artist Concept print 1/1
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NAME: Speak or Spill
DATE: May, 2023

Format: A1 (594 x 840 mm)
Paper: Giclée Fine Art
Weight: 230g/m²
Printing Technique: Digital

The print “Speak or Spill” combines cheerful elements of with a 1970s style, combining striking imagery with thought provoking statements. The artwork depicts a milk carton, usually associated with a household item, transformed into a symbol of missing free speech.

Have you seen it? Have you felt its absence? Free speech, once a cherished cornerstone of democracy, has vanished from our urban landscape. In the shadows of oppression, our voices are stifled, our words silenced. We must awaken from this slumber of complacency and reclaim what is rightfully ours. In a world where conformity reigns, dissent becomes a crime. The government, once entrusted to protect our liberties, has become an arbiter of control and censorship. They paint a facade of democracy while eroding our fundamental right to express ourselves freely.

Let this missing milk carton serve as a symbol of our collective loss. A tangible reminder that free speech, like a kidnapped child, has been taken away from us.

It is time to tear down the walls of censorship and reclaim the right to speak our minds. Let us march through the streets, holding high our missing free speech, demanding its return. But remember, the fight for free speech is not confined to the streets alone. It starts within each of us. It begins by questioning the status quo, challenging the narratives imposed upon us. We must be the guardians of our own thoughts, refusing to be silenced or swayed by the agenda of the powerful.

When you purchase one of my Fine Art prints, you are investing in craftsmanship and quality. They are meticulously crafted with care and precision on top-tier water-based inkjet printers. With a resolution of 2,880 dpi x 1,440 dpi, even the smallest details are faithfully reproduced with utmost accuracy.

The GICLÉE PRINTS is specially designed to absorb a lot of ink, resulting in vibrant and powerful colors when printed. This makes our prints perfect for fine art applications, preserving the subtle nuances and rich textures of the original artwork.

I want you to be completely satisfied with your purchase, which is why I take the time to personally package each artwork before it is shipped. Please note that this process may take approximately 2 weeks, but we assure you that it is worth the wait for a product of exceptional quality.

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